HP Spectre X2 Core i7


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12.6 Inch Display
Intel Core m7
USB 3.0
Detachable PC

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HP Spectre X2 Core i7 in Kenya.

The HP Spectre X2 Core i7 Price in Kenya is Ksh.70,000.

HP Spectre X2 is definitely one of the most attractive 2-in-1 pcs on the market today. It has a nice dark aluminum body with copper elements in the logo and kickstand. It stands out especially when the light reflects off the copper finishes. There’s a metal hinge which is a must on a two in one. It may not look solid since a thin piece of metal but it’s stiff and sturdy.

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Just like the Surface Pro, the hinge has a 135 degrees of movement. You can get it pretty close to the surface. In terms of portability it’s just as portable as the Surface Pro. They both weigh the same. The only difference is that the HP Spectre X2 is slightly thinner.

HP Spectre X2 comes with 2 USB type-c ports and a micro SD card slot. The type-c ports are not Thunderbolt 3 which means no hooking up to an external GPU. But HP include a USB c2 USBA adapter right in the box.

It comes with an i7 8 gigabytes of RAM and a 320 gigabyte NVME SSD. You can stack it with lower or higher specs but this is the one that offers the most balanced. Whatever model you do choose they all come with HP active pen and keyboard in the Box. There’s only a thousand and 24 levels of pressure sensitivity and it’s not nearly responsive. If you’re an artist you better go with the Surface Pro and Surface 10. If you’re a real estate agent or just need to make the odd sketch the HP Spectre X2 will totally do the job.

The display is 12.3 inches with a resolution of 3200 by 2000 and the result is beautiful. Colors are vibrant. The blacks look pier and everything just looks sharp. The aspect ratio is similar to the Surface Pro 2 as 3 by 2. It allows you to see more of a webpage and any documents you’re working on.

Just above the display is a 5 megapixel webcam. At 720p it is totally fine. The colors look. It’s more than adequate for a video conferencing. On the back is a better camera which is 13 megapixels. Obviously it is not going to be as good as your smartphone but it’s more than good enough for like taking photos of documents that you can scan it and store it on your computer.

The keyboard is very comfortable. Infact it’s one of the best two-in-one keyboards. It has a metal attached to a rubber plastic that feels great typing on. There’s only 1.3 millimeters of travel distance which is a tad shorter than the Surface Pro. But the amount of force each key gives makes the experience great. The touchpad is very wide and made of glass which is great but it’s not nearly as accurate or smooth as the one on the Dell XPS 15 or Surface laptop.

Precision sound is coming out of two front-facing speakers. They’re bigger or at least much more noticeable than the ones on the Surface Pro. The sound is very clean vocals. High-pitched instruments are very clear. Because of the size of the speakers you don’t get much bass. In terms of volume they’re loud enough to fill up a small room and perfect for watching movies.

The specs and size HP Spectre X2 makes it perfect for a day-to-day workhorse. You can do stuff like Microsoft Office, productivity apps, tons of multitasking and things like. HP Spectre X2 has random tiny lag spikes whether typing or having lots of browser tabs open.

When it comes to heat management the HP Spectre X2 do not do a good job. The CPU temperatures can reach 90 degrees Celsius. With thermal throttle in the back of the tablet it can reach temperatures of 50 degrees Celsius. That’s 122 degrees Fahrenheit making it very hot to touch. If you’re to put your hand there you can definitely feel how hot it is.

HP claims up to nine hours of use on one single charge. HP’s charger can recharge 50% of your battery in just 30 minutes. That’s pretty impressive for a two-in-one with a bigger battery than a cell phone. Note that the battery does get really hot with temperatures around 45 degrees Celsius. It is normal for your battery to get hot when you’re fast charging.

The display of HP Spectre X2 is absolutely gorgeous. It has good sound, a beautiful design, a great keyboard and most importantly it comes with everything in the box.


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