HP Spectre V Series Core i5 6th Generation


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13 Inch Display
256GB SSD,
Free DOS
Backlight Keyboard

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HP Spectre V Series Core i5 6th Generation in Kenya.

The HP Spectre V Series Core i5 6th Generation Price in Kenya is Ksh.85,000.

The HP Spectre V Series measures in at 10.4 millimeters which is very thin. They’re actually marketing it as the thinnest laptop on the market right now. Super thin laptops are often under-powered or improperly cooled and sometimes both. But HP says this one’s a little bit different.

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The top surface is aluminum with a new minimal looking HP logo in gold or copper color, depending on how you look at it. The bottom surface is carbon fiber and feels pretty durable and it doesn’t have a lot of material flecks. To open the bottom you peel off the top and bottom rubber strips and then you remove some screws.

There’s 8 gigabytes of RAM which is soldered on and you can’t replace that, and there’s a 256 gigabytes drive. It’s got OK speeds but if you want to you can easily replace it. At the back of the laptop is a metal bar in a flashy gold color. HP Spectre uses a piston hinge for the screen which looks kind of cool and the hinge itself feels very solid. There’s a bit of play on the screen when it’s open.

The screen in the chassis have some flex but it’s expected for the device. It is thin but nothing feels cheap or flimsy. All the surfaces on this laptop are prone to smudges and fingerprints especially that gold segment but fortunately they give you a sleeve to carry the laptop in.

On the back is where you’ll find three USB C ports, two of which are capable of Thunderbolt 3 and lastly an audio jack. It also comes with the USB a adapter.

HP Spectre V Series has aluminum on the inside surface. The keyboard is really nice with 1.3 millimeters of travel, good back-lighting and a very nice response when you’re typing. It’s actually one of the better keyboards in an ultrabook.

The speakers look cool and they are B&O;branded but they sound mediocre. It has very little bass and the max volume is kind of low. If you need your Ultrabook to have excellent speakers this isn’t the one for you.

The IPS panel is 1080p and has gorilla glass covering it but it’s on the touch screen with glossy finish. It’s bright with vibrant colors which has excellent viewing angles and the color accuracy is also respectable. They did a great job on the screen.Up top there’s a 720p webcam which is much ok.

You may think the HP Spectre V Series runs super hot but it doesn’t. It uses something HP calls a hyperbaric cooling system. The idea is pretty simple; there’s a trim around the fan and when the bottom panel is on it creates a seal so that all of the air that gets sucked in has to come from the outside of the laptop. In theory the air pressure inside the laptop is higher and it forces the hot air out the vent. When you’re doing some light Photoshop or programming it’s also no problem. There’s a little bit of mild fan noise but there’s no heat issues and there’s no throttling. If you’re hoping to edit videos or play heavier games on this thing it can still do it.

The battery lasts around five hours of regular use which isn’t great for an ultrabook. The 45 watt adapter takes a couple hours to charge the HP Spectre and you can use any of the ports to charge it. For some reason the AC adapter doesn’t come with the flip.

It has a ridiculously thin chassis with respectable build quality. The 1080p panel looks awesome but it’s not touch sensitive. The backlit keyboard is fantasti. Speakers and the trackpad are just okay. Inside the i5 or i7 skylake chips and the integrated graphics are great for light to moderate. Cooling is tough if you’re video editing or playing heavier games. The 8 gigabytes of RAM are soldered on that 256 gig M2 storage which is replaceable.


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