Tolifo MT-60S Continuous 5600K 60W COB Led Light

  • Runs on 100-240 VAC
  • Intelligent cooling system
  • intuitive design
  • A versatile constant light source

KSh 26,000.00

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The MT LED series is a professional light that offers a modern easy to use design. It is a superb continuous light for use for product photography, portrait photography, food photography and video work. It is daylight balanced at 5600K to give you a nice natural looking light.

The Tolifo MT-60S Continuous 5600K 60W COB Led Light Price in Nairobi,Kenya is Ksh 26,000.

The MT-60S allows you to adjust brightness levels from 10%-100%, so you can finely tune your output to suit the needs of your shoot. The included remote allows also gives you the flexibility to adjust the lighting from afar, which will be a great asset when in the middle of a busy shoot.

The MT-60S is made of high strength aluminium alloy with an engineering plastic outer case making it a durable light. It also adopts overheat protection and a cooling fan built in.

The MT-60S uses a Bowen mount making it easy to use a range of modifiers to help you make the most out of the light


Additional information

Light Fixture
Color Temperature Setting 5600K
Remote Control 99 Channel 2.4G Wireless Remote Control
Outputs 60W
Voltage AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Weight 2kg
Brightness 10%-100%