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Sony Tvs prices in Kenya 2020

Sony TVs price in Kenya

Sony Corporation makes Tvs, mobile phones, Cameras and home appliances. As of 2018, Sony was ranked as the best Television in the world. Sony Tvs make quality Tvs and they are of High Performance.

On this page we are going to discuss Sony Tvs Prices in Kenya and their Specs.

Types of Sony Tvs in Kenya
  1. Digital Sony Tvs– These ones comes with an internal decoder that allow you to watch free to air channels within Kenya.
  2. Smart Sony Tvs– These ones allow you to connect to the internet, you can be able to watch you favorite channels from apps such as Netflix and YouTube. These tvs have inbuilt social media apps like Facebook.
  3. Smart Sony Android Tvs– These ones allow you to access Google Play Store and thus you can find you favorite android applications.

Resolution you can find in a Sony Tv.

Resolution Horizontal x vertical pixels Other names
8K 7,680×4,320 8K UHD
UHD 3,840×2,160 4K, Ultra HD, Ultra-High Definition
1080p 1,920×1,080 Full HD, FHD, HD, High Definition
720p 1,280×720 HD, High Definition

Sony Tv Models

Sony Tv Models are easy to understand and they help describe a particular product.

Let us take an example of:


  • KD-Means that this product is a Tv
  • 55 -Means that this Tv is 55 inches
  • F-Means Year of Manufacture(2018)
  • 9005-Is the series for the Tv

Below are Years for different Sony Tv Models

  • A-2013
  • B-2014
  • C-2015
  • D-2016
  • E-2017
  • F-2018
  • G-2019
  • H-2020


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