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Protecting your smartphone and other gadgets are a must especially if you consider them your priceless possessions.To some, a smartphone is a big financial investment and the need to protect its value is important.

Screen protectors were once practically mandatory, but advances in glass and coatings have made them unnecessary for most people. You don’t have to buy a screen protector when you get a new phone.

What is a Liquid Screen Protector ?

Is a solution that is applied on your Phone and then its buffed off. These protectors come with a lot of shortcomings which makes them hard to recommend. Lets dig in to find the Pros and Cons of a liquid screen protector.


Very Smooth

It is very smooth.It is easily installed on your device; providing the safeguard from scratch.

Highly Transparent

It provides great viewing experience from all angles easily

Responsive to touch

Being extremely thin, it easily recognizes every slightest touch


Being an extremely small layer its weight is very light mainly because its a solution that is placed on it.


Less Impact Protection
Simply put, liquid screen guard can’t go face to face with toughened glass when it comes to providing complete protection from impact is concerned. If much-required protection from accidental bumps is what you are after, tempered glass is a better option.

Comparatively Less Scratch Resistance
It can’t defend your touchscreen beyond a distance. Your device display would be vulnerable to sharp scratch.

Gets Easily Discoloured from Sun and Oil
The other disadvantage of the liquid screen protector is that it doesn’t have enough resistance to ward off the sun, oil, and grime for too long. Comparatively, it’s more prone to fingerprint.

What is a Glass screen protector?

A screen protector is a clear plastic used to cover a smartphone’s (front) screen, some also offer back screen protector. It is cut exactly to fit a specific gadget including holes and buttons so that users can still maximise the phone to its full potential.

A screen protector is unnoticeable and to maintain clarity and cleanliness of your phone screen, choose high quality screen guards that will secure it.

Screen Protectors in Kenya

If you want to apply a screen protector, first you have to make sure that your phone screen is clean by wiping it using a microfibre cloth. Lay the phone flat on a sturdy table or counter, press the protector on top of the screen and position it properly to fit your screen correctly. Once the screen protector is applied, wipe the surface with a microfibre cloth again to flatten any bubbles and to prevent it from forming under the protector.

The amazing thing about screen protectors is that it acts like a shield preventing any scratches, dust and glare on your phone. If by accident your phone falls on the floor, the screen protector the impact will be more evident on your screen protector rather than the phone screen itself.

Screen Protectors in Kenya


Glass Protector  vs. Liquid Screen Protector

Toughened glass screen guard has clear edge over liquid screen defender. Whether it’s much needed safeguard from scratch or longevity, the former is superior to the latter. Though liquid guard can be a trusted shield for the touchscreen of your device—to some extent, it can’t go face to face with the tempered guard.

Tempered glass now flaunts curved edges which allow them to get installed with ease and provides full-screen safeguard. Besides, high quality toughened glass protectors are completely bubble-free, more convenient to remove and clean. So, liquid screen guards don’t have any edge over it in this regard either.

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Every smartphone owner must consider buying a screen protector, you don’t know when unforeseen accidents happen like the phone slipping off your hands or pocket or a toddler throwing it around like a pacifier. It’s good to be prepared at all times and a phone screen protector is the best way to guard your investments and preserve the quality of your gadget. Other than that, it also offers other benefits such as, anti-glare, anti-reflective coverage, prevents dust, prevent UV damage and so much more.

Where to buy Screen Protectors in Kenya

Majority of the smartphone shops also sell screen protectors as accessories you can Email Us here so that we can hook you up with trusted sellers

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