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Kingjoy Versatile F2008R Tripod with KH-6730 HEAD


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Product Description

  • Swiveling Center Column Tilts 180°
  • *8x Aluminum Legs & Center Column
  • *Cast Aluminum Alloy Chassis
  • *Quick Adjustable Flip Locks
  • *Retractable Spikes in Rubber Feet

Kingjoy “Versatile” Professional Tripods are compact aluminium tripods that combine all the best and practical features of many other tripods into one. The key feature of the Versatile range is the multi-angle centre column that allows for the column to be extended not only vertically, as normal, but also horizontally to open up many more framing and shooting possibilities. Aluminium alloys are used to ensure the rigidity and endurance of the tripod no matter what you may throw at it. All this allows the tripod to stay true to its name and become an exceptionally versatile tripod, suitable for a large variety of photographic and video applications. The rotation lock system allows the centre column to be secured in any desired position within seconds while at the same time not compromising on stability.