JBL Wave 100 TWS

Driver size: 8mm/0.31″ Dynamic Driver Power supply: 5V 1A
Weight: 46.3g/0.102 lbs
Earpiece: 5.1g/0.011 lbs (10.2g/0.022 lbs combined)

Charging case: 36.1g/0.08 lbs
Headset battery type: Lithium-ion Battery (46mAh/3.7V)
Charging case battery type: Lithium-ion Battery (550mAh/3.7V)
Charging time: 2 hrs from empty

Kindly Note: Prices are subject to Change without Prior Notice.

KSh 7,000.00

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JBL Wave 100 TWS Price in Kenya

The JBL Wave 100 TWS Price in Nairobi, Kenya is 6,999. Designed to be used with a single hand, the JBL Wave 100 TWS Earbuds ensure convenient usage. So, even when you have your hands full, handling these earbuds can be an easy task.

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Long Playback Time

These earbuds keep you entertained for up to 5 hours, which extends by up to 15 hours when you use its charging case. This way, you can listen to music all day without any interruptions.

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Dual Modes

You can choose between two modes of the dual equaliser while listening to your favourite music. And, you can “wave up” by quickly pressing either earbud thrice, followed by one long press until you hear a beep.

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Powerful Connectivity

Connect these earbuds to your device via Bluetooth 5.0 to establish a stable connection and use either one or both earbuds to stay entertained.

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Clear Conversations

When you use these earbuds, you can have clear conversations with your loved ones. Moreover, you can control calls directly from these earbuds for a truly hands-free experience.

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Voice Assistance

You can connect these earbuds to your smartphone’s voice assistant for convenient control.

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Comfort with Entertainment

Designed with an ergonomic fit, these earbuds are comfortable enough to wear all day.

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Elegant Design

Featuring free-flowing curves and an elegant design, these earbuds look good while they’re plugged into your ears.

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Hassle-free Cleaning

You can conveniently clean these earbuds with a quick wipe if you find dust or stains on them.

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Handy Earbuds

You can carry these compact earbuds in your hands, pocket, or purse. So, even when you’re commuting to work or travelling on a business trip, these earbuds can be your constant companion.

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