Hisense 55 Inch Ultra 4K TV

55 inch LED Display Screen
Multimedia support
Hotel mode settings
Preinstalled video streaming service
Internet/WiFi  Connectivity
Inbuilt digital decoder

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KSh 56,999.00

Hisense 55 Inch Ultra 4K TV in Kenya.

The Hisense 55 Inch Ultra 4K TV Price in Kenya is Ksh.57,000.

The Hisense 55 inch TV packs a lot of features for the price and is a good buy for someone who wants to move to 4k but doesn’t want to spend a ton of money. This TV is made out of all plastic. The top and side panels are a glossy black. On the bottom portion is silver with the Hisense logo in the middle. Just underneath is the remote sensor and directly behind it is the power button to turn the TV on or off. The TV stand is made up of two u-shaped legs that you screw into the bottom.

Overall it’s a pretty basic and simple design. On the back you have an Ethernet port, component composite video inputs, optical audio output and two HDMI ports that support 60 Hertz. On the left side is one USB 3.0 port, 2 HDMI 1.4 ports that supports 4k at 30 Hertz, audio jacks and two USB 2.0 ports. Just note that if you plan on using this TV to gain use of the two HDMI ports at the back to get the full 60 Hertz, the Hisense 55 inch may not have all the flashy features that other high-end TVs have like OLED quantum dots or full area local dimming but it still does a great job of playing all the 4k content.

There’s definitely a big difference in sharpness and quality compared to a full HD TV. It’s obviously more noticeable the closer you sit to it. Black levels are good obviously not all that good or as good as the Sony X930D TV. Hisense 55 inch uses a VT panel and you get deeper shadows than a traditional TV that uses an IPS panel. The only downfall that a VA panel has a more narrow field of view which mean it doesn’t have the greatest viewing angle.

Surprisingly brightness is quite high much higher than many plasma TVs at home and more importantly it doesn’t ruin any black areas of an image on the screen. The contrast is just and it’s not spectacular but good for a 4k TV at this price point. Image can look a little flat at times and it is highly suggested sticking with the standard or theater picture mode. They offered the best balance, the Eco mode which is much too flat. In the vivid mode it over saturates the colors and they’re not so pleasing. For gamers when using game picture mode you lose a little color accuracy and drops input lag to around 48 milliseconds. It’s not the greatest if you are a hardcore gamer but more than fine for most casual gamers out there.

Hisense ultra smooth motion blurring does a good job of compensating. Hisense 55 inch supports HDR but only the HDR 10 . It’s not compatible with Dolby vision but that can be easily changed with a software update.

The remote that comes with this TV is very basic and feels a bit cheap but does the job. On the bottom is dedicated buttons to access Netflix, Dailymotion, YouTube and a web browser. It’s running off a custom Linux system. It’s easy to use but the interface is very slow and laggy. If you plan on using a lot of apps buy a separate streaming device like a Roku.

Sound comes out of two speakers in the back as they don’t face forward. It’s a little peeny but they do get quite loud. The highs are good but the mids get drowned out and it lacks bass. For a small room it’s fine but not into a big room.

Heat output is fine and averaged around 32 degrees Celsius.

Hisense 55 inch does an impressive job for a budget 4k TV. As the black level gets fairly good, brightness has decent contrast and offers good color accuracy. There’s HDR 10 support for HDR content and is a decent option for casual gamers.

Main Specs for Hisense 55 inch

55 inch LED Display Screen
Multimedia support
Hotel mode settings
Preinstalled video streaming service
Internet/WiFi  Connectivity
Inbuilt digital decoder

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Basic Information.

  • Size: 50″
  • Resolution: Ultra HD 3840×2160


  • RF- Radiofrequency input: 1
  • AV input: 1
  • USB 3.0×1, 2.0×1
  • Optical digital audio output (SPDIF): 1
  • Earphone jack: 1
  • HDMI inputs 2.0([email protected]) / 1.4([email protected]): HDMI 2.0×2, 1.4×1

Smart TV.

  • Ethernet port (RJ45 connector): 1
  • Wi-Fi protocols IEEE 802.11: a, b, g, n, ac
  • Wi-Fi bands (GHz): 2.4 / 5
  • DLNA compliance: Yes
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Netflix, YouTube: Yes:
  • UHD (4k) streaming: Yes
  • Web Browser: Yes  

Digital TV.

  • Television system (DVB-T / DVB-T2): Yes / Yes
  • Video decoder (MPEG2 / MPEG 4): Yes / Yes
  • AC3 Surround sound decoder: Yes
  • LCN- Logical channel number and DTV Service name support: Yes
  • Teletext Support: Yes
  • Subtitles: Yes
  • Backlight control: Yes
  • Local dimming / controllable zones: Yes / 16
  • HDR – High Dynamic Range: Yes
  • HDR system: Dolby Vision HDR
  • Motion enhancement and compensation (MEMC): Yes


  • Audio power output per channel (Watt): 10 / 8
  • Number of Speakers: 2
  • Dolby Digital: Yes
  • Audio enhancement -Type: dbx-tv®


  • Screen mirroring Chromecast
  • Smartphone remote control application Yes


  • Wall mount dimensions (Horiz / Vert) – mm: 400 / 200


  • Dimensions with stand (W x H x D) – mm: 1112×712×209
  • Net weight (with stand / without stand) – kg: 13.0 / 12.7
  • Gross weight – kg: 17.0