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How To Change Your Safaricom Home Fibre SSID and Password

how do I change my safaricom home fibre password?

On your device that is connected to safaricom Home Fibre network, open the WEB browser e.g Google Chrome,Mozilla, Opera mini, Explorer and on the address bar type on the log in page type the following Account:root Password:admin Go to wlan ensure it is enabled with an SSID name Uncheck the Hide WPA Preshared key to reveal the current password set your Preferred SSID Name and Password and Click Save Select the system tools tab, click save and restart the router

How do I activate Safaricom home Fibre?

To sign up for the service, just dial *400# and select Get Safaricom Home Fibre and follow the steps. You will get a call back from Safaricom within 24 hours. If the Safaricom Home Fibre service is in your area, you should be connected after they get in touch with you

How do I contact safaricom home fibre?

You can contact safaricom Home Fibre by : dialing *400# Calling them on 400 Or send an email to safaricomhome@safaricom.co.ke

How do I pay for Safaricom Home Fibre Via M-Pesa?

Use M-PESA PAYBILL no. 150501 and key in your Safaricom Home Fibre account number under the account number section. Dial *400# Select Manage your subscriptions. select your preferred package and make payment via M-PESA. Download the Safaricom Home App and Make Payments from the application

How Fast is Safaricom Home Fibre?

Safaricom offers different packages with different speed for a different cost rate they include: Bronze (5mbps) @2900 Silver (10mbps) @3999 Gold(20mbps) @5699 Diamond(40mbps) @11,4999

What is Safaricom Home Fibre?

It is an internet service that allows you to have fast,reliable and cost effective internet that is connected to your home place
  • Access your router
First ensure you’re connected to your Wifi. Open your browser and on the URL insert  click enter and you will be navigated to a log in page. The Info you are required to enter is located below your router. By Default the username is root and Password adminHW. RouterAfter successful Log in you then are required to enter your new password which you will be using to accessing the admin side of the router settings.
  • Go to Wlan on the Navigation Menu
Find the SSID name column there and edit it to the name you prefer to use. Head to WPA PresharedKey, this will be your WiFi password and change it to the Password you wish. After Saving changes your Computer disconnects from the Wifi now you need to find Wifi name you entered then you put the password you changed. There you have it  you can now access your internet. Router   Safaricom has innovative ways to keep you connected over the internet. The Safaricom Fibre to the home is one such good example, By Last year 48,000 households were connected and Safaricom formed a special unit so as to increase the number of subscribers. The home fibre Internet network currently covers six towns countrywide and has reached over 20 estates within Nairobi including South B, Pangani, Syokimau in Machakos County, Kitengela, Ngong and Ongata Rongai in Kajiado County. You can easily send a message to 400 starting with the word FIBRE and your location and within some few minutes Safaricom will call you and ask some more information on your specific location. For the people who are connected to this service, here is a post to help you change your Network SSID Name and your Password or you can easily call customer care on 400 and they can change the password for you. Find More on:
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