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Syinix Tvs Prices in Kenya

Despite being a new TV brand in Kenya, Syinix TVs have grown and is among the top selling TV in Kenya. The TV comes with a simple, elegant finish, is easy to use and optimized to enhance user experience. One key selling point of this TV is its pocket friendly prices. Syinix TV prices in Kenya are affordable to the common man. What to know current Syinix TV Prices in Kenya?  Read our detailed review to know the origin of Syinix TV, available TV models, features, specs and prices of each Syinix TV in Kenya. There are several Syinix TV models in Kenya, from the 32 inch to 55 inch models. Even though all models are Digital and have similar features, not all have smart TV capabilities.

Origin of Syinix TV

This TV is manufactured by Syinix Home appliances, a Japanese brand with the tag line ‘For A Better Life’. The company also manufactures other home electronics like blenders, fridges, microwaves, ovens, juicers, washing machines etc. All their products are available in Kenya.The company aims at providing more practical electronics for most homes in the developing world. In 2016, they entered into a partnership with Transsion Holding to handle its brand in Africa. Transsion Holding is a global Chinese company that operates in emerging markets. Some of its brands include Infinix, itel and Tecno. Syinix TV prices in Kenya are very affordable

Syinix Tvs Price List in Kenya (2019)

Syinix tv in Kenya

Price in Kenya
Syinix 24 Inch HD LED Digital TVKSh 10,499.00
Syinix 32 Inch HD LED Digital TVKSh 13,999.00
Syinix 32 Inch HD LED Digital Smart TVKSh  17,499.00
Syinix 39 Inch HD LED Digital TVKSh 28,500.00
Syinix 43 Inch HD LED Digital Smart TVKSh 31,500.00
Syinix 49 Inch Full HD LED Digital Smart TVKSh 44,500.00
Syinix 55 Inch 4K UHD LED Digital Smart TVKSh 57,500.00
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