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SkyWorth Tv Prices in Kenya

Looking for info on Skyworth TV in Kenya? We have undertaken  in depth reviews of  all Skyworth TVs in Kenya, including  origin, available TV models , key features and specs. Skyworth is the 6th largest TV brand in the world behind Samsung, LG, Sony, Hisense and TCL. Though new in Kenya, it has in recent years grown to become a reputable and trustworthy TV brand in Kenya.Skyworth TVs have received positive reviews across the globe. This is attributed mainly to its high-quality TVs made with brilliant and durable materials. Moreover, Skyworth TVs have outstanding displays and are very pocket-friendly compared to other brands of the same class. Skyworth Smart TVs are powered by Opera Smart TV Android platform. The most common Skyworth TV models available in Kenya are the Skyworth 24 inch TV, Skyworth 32 inch TV and Skyworth 40 inch TV.

Origin of Skyworth TVs

Skyworth is a global TV brand with its origin in China. Established in 1988, Skyworth Electronics produces a wide range of consumer electronic appliances. Skyworth TV has its headquarters in Shenzhen China with its research and development based in Silicon Valley, USA. It is a household brand name in Asia and the Americas. To date, Skyworth is the second most sold TV brand in China.The TV first appeared in the Kenyan market in 2010 as part of its global expansion. In Kenya, Skyworth is imported and distributed by Skyworth Kenya. It is one of the most recommended TVs to buy in Kenya. Skyworth Kenya offers customer and technical support for all Skyworth appliances in Kenya.

Skyworth Tvs Price List in Kenya (2019)

Skyworth tv in Kenya

Price in Kenya
Skyworth 24 Inch HD LED Digital TVKSh 14,500.00
Skyworth 32 Inch HD LED Digital TVKSh 19,999.00
Skyworth 32 Inch Smart HD LED TVKSh  30,500.00
Skyworth 40 Inch HD LED Digital TVKSh 40,000.00
Skyworth 40 Inch Full HD Smart TVKSh 43,500.00
Skyworth 43 Inch Full HD Smart TVKSh 49,500.00
Skyworth 49 Inch Full HD Smart TVKSh 52,500.00
Skyworth 55 Inch Full HD Smart TVKSh 55,500.00
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