Fero Phone Prices Kenya

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Here you will find a list of the avaialble Fero Phones in Kenya and their Prices.

Fero Phones Price List in Kenya (2019)

Fero Phones in KenyaPrice in Kenya
Fero A4501 KSh 5,200.00
Fero A4502 KSh 5,700.00
Fero K2801KSh  1,799.00
Fero MegaKSh 8,600.00
Fero Pad 7 TabletKSh 7,800.00
Fero Royale J1 LTEKSh 12,500.00
Fero a4001 PlusKSh 4,900.00
Fero A5500KSh 7,500.00
Fero Power 3KSh 7,500.00
Fero Royale A1KSh 8,500.00
Fero Royale Y2 LiteKSh 10,500.00
Fero Royale Y2KSh 11,500.00
Fero A4503KSh 3,500.00
Fero A5005KSh 4,500.00
Fero L100KSh 7,500.00
Fero Power 2KSh 6,500.00
Fero A5001KSh 6,500.00
Fero PowerKSh 6,500.00
Fero A5002KSh 7,000.00
Fero Pace 2 LiteKSh 9,500.00
Fero Royale X2KSh 11,500.00
Fero A4001KSh 4,500.00
Fero IrisKSh 6,500.00
Fero VibeKSh 8,500.00