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Canon Cameras Price in Kenya

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Here you will find a list of the available Canon Cameras in Kenya and their Prices.

Canon Cameras Price List in Kenya (2019)

Canon Cameras in KenyaPrice in Kenya
Canon C300 Mark IIKSh 1,200,000.00
Canon EOS C100 Mark II KSh 390,000.00
Canon 1DX MIIKSh  550,000.00
Canon 5D Mark IVKSh 235,000.00
Canon 700D
Canon 70D
Canon 7D Mark IIKSh 157,000.00
Canon 800DKSh 65,500.00
Canon 4000DKSh 30,500.00
Canon EOS 5D Mark IVKSh 300,500.00
Canon EOS 6D Mark II Body OnlyKSh 130,500.00
Canon EOS 6D Mark 11 DSLR CAMERAKSh 175,500.00
Canon EOS 77D KSh 82,500.00
Canon EOS 80D Body OnlyKSh 85,500.00
Canon EOS 80D DSLR CameraKSh 110,500.00
Canon EOS C100 BodyKSh 210,500.00
Canon EOS C200KSh 880,000.00
Canon EOS M50KSh 58,500.00
Canon EOS R(Body Only)KSh 237,000.00
Canon EOS R(Digital Camera0KSh 325,000.00
Canon EOS RPKSh 230,500.00
Canon IXUS 185KSh 11,500.00
Canon ME200S
Canon SX 620KSh 23,500.00
Canon XA11KSh 120,500.00
Canon XA15KSh 180,500.00
Canon XF205KSh 300,000.00
Canon XF405KSh 315,000.00