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Apple Watch SE (44mm)

Apple Watch SE (44mm) Kenya

Apple Watch SE (44mm) Key Features

  • 1.78″ inch display
  • Apple S5 processor
  • 1GB RAM
  • 32GB Internal Storage
  • Bluetooth 5
  • Non-Removable battery

Apple Watch SE (44mm) Price in Kenya

The phone is yet to come into the Kenyan market, it is estimated to be around Ksh 17,999.

Apple Watch SE (44mm) Summary

Apple Watch SE (44mm) has a 1.78″ inch display. An Apple S5 processor runs Apple Watch SE (44mm).

Apple Watch SE (44mm) has a 1GB RAM and 32GB internal memory.

Has a  non-removable battery.

Apple Watch SE (44mm) Full Specs

Apple Watch SE.

Apple released two smartwatches this year. Like iPhone SE, Apple Watch SE is a cheaper version of the Apple Watch with Apple Watch 6 being the high-end model. And although Apple Watch SE is cheap, it still comes with top of the line specs that make it better than its competitors.

Water Resistant.

One of the advantages of Apple Watch SE is that it’s water-resistant. With it being water-resistant you don’t have to remove it when you are touching wet objects. You can watch your clothes and utensils with Apple Watch SE without worrying about the water damaging it. You can also train with it in wet weather with no worry.


Even though Apple Watch SE is a cheap Apple Watch, it still more powerful than most smartwatches. With the Apple S5 chip, you get one of the most powerful watch processors that enable Apple Watch SE to carry out different functions efficiently.

Fitness Tracker.

Apple Watch SE is a good device to have that will keep you honest during workouts. By keeping track of your activities and displaying the data, you get to analyze how far you have come and how far you can still push yourself so that you’re always healthy. You can also link your workout data with your friends and push each other to accomplish your goals.

Monitors your Heartrate.

Apple Watch SE comes with a monitor that keeps track of your heart rate. By keeping track of your heart rate, Apple Watch SE ensures that you’re always healthy. Apple Watch SE can also act as an early warning system in case of any complications in your heartbeat.

Listen to music.

With Apple Watch SE, you get to listen to music from the Apple Music store without using your iPhone or iPad. So, whenever your streaming device is far from you, you no longer need to worry because you can use your Apple Watch SE to stream music and listen to your favorite podcasts.