How to Add a Child User in Windows 10 Leave a comment

1. Click “Add a Family Member.”

2. Select “Add a Child.” 

How to Add a Child User in Windows 10

3.Enter the child’s Microsoft account email address. If they don’t have a Microsoft account, you must sign them up for one. If your child is too young to have an email address and you click “The person I want to add doesn’t have an email address,” you will be prompted to create a Microsoft account and corresponding email address for them. It’s unfortunate that Microsoft requires child accounts to have email, but parents can use their own email address or create a dummy one.

How to Add a Child User in Windows 10

4. Click Confirm.

Click Confirm

5. Click Close. The child’s email account will get an invite.

Click close

6. Have the child click Accept on the email.

Accept invitiation

The child may be prompted to log in to their account. If the Microsoft account lists your child as being under  13, a parent will need to sign in and confirm them as a family member.

Have a parent sign in

If you grant the child permission, you will be asked for a credit card number to verify that you’re actually an adult. So you might be better off just creating a dummy Microsoft account for your child and registering with Microsoft for them.

7. Click “Manage family settings online” in the Windows 10 account settings menu.

Click manage

Your browser will open to the Microsoft website where you can manage all of your family members’ access.

8. Select the child whose permissions you wish to manage.

Select the child

9. Use the controls to set restrictions on what sites your child can see, what apps they can use and how long they can use the computer. By default, you will also get weekly activity reports mailed to you.

monitor child activity

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